On this page Realesta has appointed the following people as Tutors whom you can contact in case of questions or help in the game. They are active in the game in the Help channel.

To report a violation of the Realesta Rules please use the "Rule Violation Report" by pressing Ctrl+R in the game.

Moreover, you may contact a gamemaster concerning general questions on rule violations or banishments at the Gamemaster channel. Please understand that you should not message gamemasters directly in the game.

Another quick and effective option to contact the server support and build a larger Realesta community is to join and use our Discord.

Group Name Status
Senior Tutor Jorkooso Offline
Senior Tutor Czeresniok Offline
Senior Tutor Smile To Xanou Offline
Senior Tutor Lusiia Offline
Senior Tutor Living Angel Offline
Senior Tutor Remilia Offline
Senior Tutor Artanis Offline
Senior Tutor Anigav Offline
Tutor Rivall Offline
Tutor Revolva Offline
Tutor Equal Offline
Tutor Amon Getz Offline
Tutor Deactiver Offline
Senior Tutor Ctrl R Offline
Senior Tutor Marlo Offline
Tutor Topuria Offline
Tutor Ostry Kij Offline