2021-06-18 11:13:45 - Train Arena

We have added new arena to train with server controlled bots on the War server.

2021-03-30 10:08:20 - Guild Emblems

We have added "Guild Emblems" feature for better identify people in guilds and wars.

2021-03-24 14:11:59 - Outfits

With todays update we added the possibility to drop the current outfit and change to an item so you can trade or share with friends. To do it simply click on yourself and use drop option, this will charge 20 points. For fully update you need to restart client.


2021-03-23 17:49:25 - INQ

With todays save we have updated The Inquisition Quest and added to the wiki.

2021-03-15 13:00:25 - Discord

Dear players,

As you well know, from the very beginning of our existence, we put great emphasis on direct contact with you. Together, we discuss, modify and improve the Realesta.

We want the contact with us to be even better and therefore we invite you to our Discord. Thanks to this, you will always be able to interact directly with the administration, share your ideas, have a real impact on the development of the server and integrate with other players who are already waiting for you there.

                                                           Join us!